Prof. Tugrul Keskin

Prof. Tugrul Keskin

Shanghai University

TUGRUL KESKIN is an Associate Professor and a member of the Center for Turkish Studies and Center for Global Studies at Shanghai University. Keskin was the graduate director at the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Maltepe University in Turkey. He taught previously at the Department of International and Global Studies and as an affiliated faculty of Black Studies, Sociology and the Center for Turkish Studies at Portland State University. He served as the Middle East Studies Coordinator at PSU for six years. His research and teaching interests include International and Global Studies, Social and Political Theory, African Society and Politics, Sociology of Human Rights, Islamic Movements, and Sociology of Middle East.  Previously, Dr. Keskin taught as an instructor of Sociology and Africana Studies at Virginia Tech University and taught as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology at James Madison and Radford Universities. He received his PhD in Sociology from Virginia Tech, with graduate certificate degrees in Africana Studies, Social and Political Thought, and International Research and Development. He is the founder and moderator of the Sociology of Islam mailing list, and the founder and editor of the Sociology of Islam Journal-BRILL and region editor of Critical Sociology-SAGE (Middle East and North Africa). His current research involves Modern Uyghur Nationalism, China and the Middle East, and US Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War Era.

Editor of Sociology of Islam Journal (Brill)
Region Editor of Critical Sociology (Middle East and North Africa)
Book Review Editor of Societies Without Borders 

E-mail: tugrulkeskin@t.shu.edu.cn or tugrulk@vt.edu


Portland State University http://www.pdx.edu
• Middle East Studies – INTL 247/Fall 2009
• Sociology of the Middle East – INTL/SOC 483 / Fall 2009
• Islamic Movements – INTL 332 / Winter 2010
• Middle East Studies – INTL 247/Winter 2010
• Globalization and Islam –INTL 407/Spring 2010
• Introduction to International Studies – INTL 101/Spring

Virginia Tech University http://www.vt.edu
• Introduction to Africana Studies – AFST 1814/Spring 2009 (Africana Studies)
• Sociology of Africa - AFST 4354/Fall 2008 (Africana Studies)
• Introduction to Sociology - SOC 1004/Fall 2008
• Social Problems (Online) – SOC 2004/Spring 2008
• Gender and Work – SOC 3614/Spring 2008
• Sociology of Political Islam – Sociology and Religious Studies 2984/Fall 2007
• Work in Modern Society (Sociology of Work) – SOC 3604/Fall 2006 and 2007
• Minority Group Relations (Race, Ethnicity and Gender) – SOC 2024/Summer
• Social Inequality – SOC 3004/Summer 2005

James Madison University http://www.jmu.edu
• Social Issues in Global Context – SOC 210-7 Fall 2006
• Social Issues in Global Context – SOC 210-8 Fall 2006
• Prejudice and Discrimination - SOC 336/Fall 2006
• Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism – SOC 336/Spring 2007
• Social Issues in a Global Context (China and Globalization) – 210-5 and 210-6
Spring 2007

Radford University http://www.radford.edu
• Introduction to Sociology- SOC 110/Summer 2006
• Social Problems – SOC 210/Spring 2006
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