Development of a Tool as a Learning Support for Understanding Photography Principle

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Muhammad Fajar Apriyanto1, Irwandi2, and Steve3




This research was an applied research carried out in the field of photography. The main aim of this study was to produce a portable box processing unit to support the operation of a photo studio practice using the dry plate photography technology. A portable box processing unit is a must for dry plate photography-based photo studios in order to make it possible to be operated at various places. Dry plate photography technology is one of the 19th century analogue photography technologies that can still be employed today to set self-portrait photography services as a means to create works of art as well as a medium of education and entertainment for the public and the photography community. The method of this applied research covered three steps, namely the literature study, designing process, and evaluation stage. The method was expected to bring solutions so that the dry plate photography as an interesting, unique photography technique from the 19th century could be revitalize in the society.

Keywords: photography, dry plate, photo studio


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