Live 2D Virtual Character Development on Online Streaming Class

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Darfi Rizkavirwan1, Ken Violeta2, Vincent3



The learning system got a significantly huge change because of the pandemic which made on-site studying not possible. One option that is currently used now is using online meetings for classes, in the post-digital age it is still very efficient to use online meetings even after the pandemic is over and it is possible to meet face to face with either student or lecturer due to its practicality, it is easier to use online meeting if we have a larger amount of audience or if we decide to invite people from far away. Disadvantages of using online classes are, students get bored easily because of the lack of interaction and there can be more distraction when you are at home. Using other methods online classes can be made more interesting, one possible solution is using a virtual character to substitute the teacher. Virtual characters are recently used for streaming and content creation in streaming platforms, these virtual characters use Live 2D and face tracking. Using virtual characters can be one of the solutions that can be used to build a more interactive and interesting learning experience. Making live 2d character is parted into several steps, first step is to make the main design of the character, after that the design needs to be split into several parts to be animated separately for example the face needs to be separated into different parts like head, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and hair, each parts needs to be separated further, each part will be animated in a separate timeline to give it a volume so the character can turn, nod, and tilt their head, all this is done with a deformation system in Live 2D software. After the process of animating the live 2d model, the results can be tested in a face tracking software. After that the face tracking software can be streamed straight to the online meeting apps or OBS can be used as a medium, so it is easier to set up the streaming layout. With the addition of a virtual character to substitute the teacher it is possible to make online classes more interesting and interactive.

Keywords: virtual character, live 2D


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