Visual Programming for Visual Communication Design Students

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Yusup Sigit Martyastiadi



Programming for Visual Communication Design students is a challenge in learning it. Their competences are developing visual communication materials for interactive media designs. Programming competence in learning of interaction design in the Visual Programming course focuses on programming logic. This study observes the use of the method of visual programming using the Bolt add-on (visual scripting). This data collection was carried out for Visual Communication Design students, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara when they took Visual Programming courses. The indicators of this research are studying the understanding of programming logic from several materials and the learning outcomes of each observed material. The researcher found positive results using visual scripting in the process of understanding programming logic for Visual Communication Design students on some of the material observed. In general, it can be concluded that the Bolt add-on in the UNITY game engine software can help students in working on interactive media design projects.

Keywords: visual programming, interaction design, programming logic

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