International Conference for Asia Pacific Arts Studies 2019

16-17 October, 2019, Yogyakarta


International Conference for Asia Pacific Arts Studies 2019

Art Education in Contemporary Asia Pacific

Contemporary challenges to our art education in higher education setting come from many fronts: new technology replacing our human incompetencies, wider inequities resulting from differential distribution of wealth, growing bureaucratisation, and the rise of fundamentalistic ideologies. When art educations can be broken down into series of tasks, tutorials, contents, and chat scenarios then intelligent software can dutifully replace art teachers. Further, inequities along the axes of wealth result in unequal access, allocated resources, differential expectation, and gaps in future jobs.
Bureaucratisation creates dull and stiff sensibilities. And fundamentalistic ideology uses art to promote its agenda in prioritising certain groups and values.

Every challenge provides opportunities and alternatives that we are now seeing experiments in methods of delivery to reach ever-wider and ever-present audience. Inclusive spaces for learning arts are created within, outside, and in-between of institutions. Transparent criteria and evaluation are demanded to ensure equities between students. The time cannot be more perfect to invite you to share what your experiments and explorations are to create learning opportunities in arts and designs.

  • New tools and models of art learning
  • Critical studies on higher education in arts
  • Aesthetics and ethics in contemporary art education
  • Regional and national change‘s impact on art education
  • Art students in the changing labor market
  • Learning and new aesthetic sensibility
  • Policies and gigs economy

Who's Speaking?

Dr. Danny Butt

Dr. Danny Butt

University of Melbourne

Prof. Gunalan Nadarajan

Prof. Gunalan Nadarajan

University of Michigan

Assist. Prof. Dr. Phakkharawat Sittiprapaporn

Assist. Prof. Dr. Phakkharawat Sittiprapaporn

Mae Fah Luang UniversityThailand

Prof. Ramon

Prof. Ramon "Montet" Acoymo, Ph.D.

university of Phillipines Diliman

Event Schedules

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

# Session Speaker(s) Time Venue
1 Registration ..... 08.00 AM - 09.30 AM Concert Hall
2 Opening Remarks with Rector of ISI Yogyakarta Prof. Dr. M. Agus Burhan, M.Hum. 09.30 AM - 09.45 Am Concert Hall
3 Keynote Speech Prof. Gunalan Nadarajan 09.45 AM - 11.30 Am Concert Hall
4 Keynote Speech Dr. Danny Butt 09.45 AM - 11:30 AM Concert Hall
5 Keynote Speech Prof. Samuel LEONG, Ph.D. 09.45 AM - 11.30 AM Concert Hall
6 Keynote Speech Prof. Ramon "Montet" Acoymo, Ph.D. 09.45 AM - 11.30 AM Concert Hall
7 Keynote Speech Assist. Prof. Dr. Phakkharawat Sittiprapaporn 09.45 AM - 11.30 AM Concert Hall
8 Lunch Break ..... 12.00 AM - 13.00 PM Concert Hall
9 Panel I Moderator Kurniawan Adi Saputro, Ph.D TBA 13.00 PM - 15.30 PM Concert Hall
10 Panel 2 TBA 13.00 PM - 15.30 PM Multimedia Room

Partner Institutions

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Event Location

Concert Hall Pascasarjana ISI Yogyakarta Jl. Suryodiningratan 8, Yogyakarta


F.A.Q. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the ICAPAS 2019 conference


Q1: How Can I Participate?

A: There are several major ways that one can participate in the 7th ICAPAS 2019 Conference.

Deliver a Paper. Papers are formal presentations of original research that are either read or delivered. Papers are expected to be original research. This may be the exploration of a previously un-researched topic, or the reevaluation of existing work in light of new evidence or methodologies. Paper proposals are judged on their potential contribution to their respective fields.

Q2: How Many Times Can I Participate?
Q3: How long can my presentation be?
Q4: How do I submit a proposal for the 7th ICAPAS 2019 conference?
Q5: Are the deadlines firm?
Q6: How many papers can I propose?
Q7: How many individuals from a single institution be on a panel or workshop?
Q8: How many participants can be on a panel?
Q9: How are proposals judged?
Q10: What if someone has to drop off my panel after I submitted it or after it was accepted?
Q11: Can I substitute a different paper after my paper has been accepted?
Q12: Can I present a paper that has already been, or will be, presented at another conference?
Q13: Can I change the name of my paper after it is submitted?


Q14: Can I request a day and time for my presentation?
A: Requests for times or days for paper presentations are not usually allowed due to the large number of participants. We ask that you reserve requests for religious reasons or other exceptional and unavoidable circumstances.
Q15: Can I contact the Administrative Office after the deadline to make sure they've received my paper?
Q16: I'm not sure if I'll be able to attend the conference or not. Should I submit a proposal anyway?
Q17: Why was my paper proposal rejected?
Q18: My proposals are never, or almost never, accepted. What am I doing wrong?
Q19: Are the proposals of professors or "senior scholars" given preference over graduate students?
Q20: If I cannot attend the conference can someone else present my paper?
Q21: What if my proposal was accepted but I have to cancel?
Q22: Can I co-present a paper?
Q23: I am an undergraduate student, who wishes to participae in your conference. Can I attend?
Q24: Is accomodation included in the registration fees?
Q25: How do I get a letter of invitation?


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